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COVID-19 Coronavirus

We are conducting viewings and following the guidelines that have been recommended. Viewers and vendors are recommended to be mindful when a viewing is taking place and wear appropriate protection if asked to do so. 


To all potential clients, customers and buyers through Greek Key Properties who are thinking of Alonissos at these worrying times. Greek Key Properties have had an increase in enquiries and are carrying out viewings, respecting social distancing and wearing masks where appropriate or asked to do so.  We would like all visitors on the island who wish to view properties to be mindful during the viewings and practice social distancing. We at Greek Key Properties will do likewise. 'Shaking hands' with the elbows is common practice now. Please note that all viewings are accompanied and might involve the vendor(s) present at the property and we have to be respectful of their wishes at all times. Also if the house is occupied by third parties, then we need to be aware and prevent touching doors and surfaces. 

We look forward to hearing from you...


The island currently as of Thursday 6th August 2020 has had no reported cases of the COVID-19 virus.


Greece was one of the first countries in the world to implement strict guidelines to protect the local inhabitants, residents and visitors. 

Clear concise instructions have been announced to help people stay safe and minimise the contraction and spread of this potentially deadly virus.


Alonissos by the nature of being an island has the added advantage of having some control of who and how people arrive on the island with a population fluctuating at around 2,000 inhabitants.


We welcome all responsible visitors to the island. 



We have very limited medical facilities on the island to assist the sick with COVID-19. If in the event someone contracts the virus, there is a dedicated isolation hotel on the island where they would be expected to stay. Before being taken to the mainland hospital for further treatment if required.


Activities on the island of Alonissos are back to some sort of normality now and businesses are following the guidelines laid down by the Greek government. Tables are more spaced out together with sun lounges; business are complying with the guidelines as laid down by the government. Guest rooms and hotels are adhering and carrying out thorough cleaning regimes.


Please help keep and ensure the island is kept free of this virus. Help keep Alonissos safe. 

By keeping yourself safe - you will keep others safe. Please practice social distancing at all times.

Please Help to Keep Alonissos-Alonnisos safe. Comply with social distancing and help the island remain a safe haven for visitors...

We sincerely hope that we all overcome this pandemic and that some kind of normality resumes. Greece is and will always be one of the safest and most sought after locations for holidays, second homes or indeed as a place where one can live.

Greece remains one of the safest places on Earth...

Alonissos-Alonnisos is waiting for you...stay safe, keep safe and respect others.

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